causes of roof leaks

A roof leak is certainly one of the most aggravating experiences, as it leads to a number of problems in a home. Moreover, finding the actual leak point or the originating point is a challenge in itself. The reason behind is that water travels far from the point of a leak’s origin. However, knowing your roof much better by gaining a comprehensive insight into the most common causes of roof leaks can help you deal with this situation seamlessly. Here are some of the most common causes of roof leaks that you should know.


causes of roof leaks

Twigs, pine needles, leaves and mud often cause a build up on a roof, which traps water against the roof. Once this starts happening, it leads to water seepage in the roof by capillary action. Therefore, make sure you clean debris on the roof regularly to prevent any sort of build up.

Plumbing vents

For preventing roof leaks, you need to pay a close attention to all the plumbing vents present up there. They usually are the common culprits, as the torn rubber boot, cracked plastic…