How much food do you throw away a week? You could turn that waste into nutrient rich dirt if you compost it.

But most people don’t have time or space. So, two composting services in the Triangle just joined forces to offer a $25 per month pickup service to help you.

Justin Senkbeil started CompostNow several years ago because he lived in downtown Raleigh and wanted to compost but didn’t have the time or space.

He said there’s a soil crisis.

“We are pulling so much good stuff out of the soil as things grow, and it’s affecting the food we’re now getting from it.”

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So, he created a link to create a full circle, from something created that you use and turning it into something that can go back to the earth when you are done.

“A lot of the top restaurants love to do it because they connect health of the soil with the health of the food they’re creating,” Senkbeil said. “And local farmers, they need healthy soil. That natural relationship of a chef supporting a farmer by buying their food, they can also make sure their food scraps are composted and go back to complete that circle.”

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