Spanish startup Fintonic has closed a €25 million (~$28M) Series B funding round to expand into new markets in Latin America and continue developing the product. Investors in the round include banking and financial services giant the ING Group and insurance group PSN.

The personal finance management app is aimed at consumers wanting help managing their money — such as getting overviews and alerts about their expenses. Currently Fintonic is available in two markets: Spain and Chile; and has more than 400,000 users at this point.

The app also generates a proprietary credit score, based on its visibility of users’ linked bank and credit card accounts, and uses its analysis of transaction and spending data to suggest relevant financial products to users (currently loans and insurance products).

The startup effectively acts as a broker for third party financial services products, with its business model based on taking a commission from any signs up for these financial products — though it says all sales commission terms for third party products are the same, so it is not incentivized to suggest certain ones over others.

At this point the in-app marketplace includes loan and insurance products from more than 50 companies.

With its new funding in the bank, Fintonic says it has an update coming shortly, in a matter of…