When Margaret Bancroft and Cynthia Ammon were appointed co-chairpersons of the popular Franklin Garden Walk for 2017, they immediately began driving around Franklin, Bloomfield Township and surrounding areas looking for especially fine landscaping and gardens.

“I had a letter composed inviting the homeowners to consider being on our garden walk,” Margaret Bancroft said. “The response was very gratifying; the homeowners were thrilled in most cases.”

Laurie Fischgrund still has her letter displayed in her home.

“I have gone on the walks for years and the thought of our garden being featured was thrilling,” she said. “I have planted 140 flats of flowers on our 3-acre lakeside lot. Jeff and I have been getting things ready for the walk. My husband and I love the land. He is really handy. He builds and I plant. Jeff built the landscaped decks to fit the steep terrain of the land. It has been our passion for 13 years.”

Laurie and Jeff Fischgrund had a good laugh when a neighbor asked Laurie where her husband was. The neighbor said she sees the gardener all the time but never the husband. Of course, the gardener was the husband.

The Fischgrunds grow their own vegetables. “This is a happy place, our plants grow well.” Jeff has advice for gardeners bothered by…