The hospitality sector has incorporated green methodologies in order to become more environmentally friendly. Hotels are going green in order to conserve resources and to reduce their carbon footprint, and to attract the prospective guest seeking out green hotels. Most people are aware of global warming and try to reduce their impact on the environment in any way they can, including choosing hotels adopting green practices. New hotels are now being constructed using green materials, which make the building sustainable as well as aesthetic.

Green construction and design

Green construction and design

One of the global green hospitality trends is to construct new buildings in a sustainable manner, and renovating existing buildings to make them eco friendly. These buildings use consume less energy and contribute to the community where they are located by sourcing locally available materials and decreasing pollution by better waste management policies.

Green hotels are constructed using organic and sustainable materials – for example, using mud to construct sod roofs. Different ways to minimize and reuse waste runoff are incorporated and energy consumption is reduced by designing hotels in a way to make the most of ambient and natural lighting. It has been seen that there is a 40% reduction in energy costs due to the use of ambient and natural light.

There is a huge amount of waste generated in terms of drywall, carpeting, metal etc during construction. While constructing green hotels, care is taken to recycle these materials so that waste is reduced and money is saved. Air conditioners and other appliances are selected on the basis of their energy efficiency as well as having the least impact on the environment.

Some green hotel trends for 2017

Catering to vegans, vegetarians and lovacores

vegan diet

Many travelers look for vegetarian and vegan food as these are eco friendly food options and have become the choice of many people worldwide. Meat, poultry and fish are carbon intensive, and many environment friendly people prefer vegetarian / vegan food.

Lovacores are those who like to eat food, which is sourced locally. One of the