Like many others who relish the good life, I can’t wait for Saturday morning to roll around. This past weekend was especially fun. After a lazy start to the day and a leisurely breakfast at Mary Beth’s on McBee with my husband, Tim, we strolled to Greenville’s Saturday Market. There, we watched toddlers dance to the bluegrass tunes of the West End String Band and bought more peaches than two people could possibly eat.

Even when we select smaller portions, we always find something to perk up our taste buds or make meals more interesting in the week ahead. Plus, we enjoy milling around with the happy crowd. It seemed everyone had a smile on their face and I noticed something else too. Wherever I looked, Greenville was laughing in flowers.

The intersections on Main between the Hyatt and the Poinsett Hotel have miraculously been transformed into garden parterres, with an eye-catching combination of vibrant flowers and foliage at each corner. Baskets of fire-engine red begonias embellish the old-fashioned street lights that march through the West End, and in plazas and at storefronts throughout town, a wealth of container gardens lend their charms to the bustling scene.