MILWAUKEE — In the hours following the verdict announcement in the Dominique Heaggan-Brown trial, there were calls for unity. Beyond that, we are seeing action.

Outside the courtroom, the not guilty verdict stirred some of the emotions that led to the violent protests in August 2016. Thankfully, we saw nothing of the sort following.

Inside the “We Got This” community garden at 9th and Ring, those tending to the crops have already been searching for solutions that extend far beyond the planter box.

“Taking our hands off the trigger and putting them in the soil,” said Andre Lee Ellis, founder of “We Got This.”

Andre Lee Ellis

Ellis is frank with his disappointment over Wednesday’s verdict.

“Cops who seem to be doing crooked activity somehow all get the same right to get away with it,” said Ellis.

His message to anyone equally upset: reach out to the people around you.