Butterflies are magical creatures that grace us with their beauty. Their bright colors are a welcome addition to any garden. As with bees, they are essential pollinators. How do you attract them your yard? There are many plants that they love, but an easy way to attract butterflies to your garden is to make a butterfly feeder.

Make this! DIY beaded butterfly feeder instructions


  • Plate
  • Mason line or twine
  • Washer (or another metal ring)
  • Beads

Any type of plate will do. The plate I used is shaped like a hibiscus flower. There are notches where the “petals” connect, making it easier to fit in the macrame-style holder. If you plan to use a round plate, you will need to get a wall mount plate holder.

How to Make a Butterfly feeder

I used mason line to hang my feeder. I used it because it’s made from a synthetic material that will not deteriorate as fast as natural twine. The feeder will hang outside in an area with little shelter and I wanted to make sure the rope holds through the whole season. The beads are optional. I like the way they dress up the feeder. Butterflies delight us with their beauty, so I decided to make this feeder extra pretty for them.

How to Make a Feeder

How to Make a Butterfly feeder macrame style

Cut 5 lengths of mason line about 3 feet long. I used 5 pieces of string because I have 5 petal notches on my plate. If you are using a round plate with a wall hanger, you should only need 4 lengths of string. Loop the pieces of string through the metal ring and tie a double knot. Do not worry about the ends at the moment.

How to make a beaded butterfly feeder

If you are using beads, add them about 12 inches from the top. Make sure the beads all line up evenly. Then, tie a knot underneath each bead.

How to Make a Butterfly feeder knots