Hydrox non-GMO

If there’s one thing an Oreo cookie never has claimed to be, it’s healthy. Mind-blowing flavors, yes; non-GMO or otherwise better for you? NOreo way. Now Hydrox, the Avis of the chocolate-sandwich-cookie business, intends to take on its massive rival by shoring up its healthier credentials.

LEAF Brands, owner of the 109-old Hydrox cookie brand, plans to move to a “clean-label” and non-GMO formula and to highlight this healthier positioning against Oreo. The privately owned brand-revival specialist plans to revamp the Hydrox recipe to eliminate artificial colors or flavors, trans fats or high-fructose corn sweeteners, and only use 100-percent non-GMO ingredients. (It’s already kosher, by the way.)

“We believe it’s the right thing to do” even while being more costly, Ellia Kassoff, LEAF Brands’ CEO, said in a press release. Customers have been requesting that Hydrox move in such a direction, the company said.

“As a private company our focus is on high-quality products for our customers, not finding ways to increase profits by sacrificing high quality, as…