Foundational to any garden is stone. Soil and minerals are essentially broken down rock particles blended with organic matter. Maybe that is why stone easily fits into all styles of landscape design.

Rock or stone – the terms are interchangeable though each conjures up a different feeling. The use of stone given the vast choices of color, texture, and shape creates a versatility that allows one to personalize their living area.

Hardscapes (that part of a landscape that is not plant material) rely on stone to create boundaries and definitions, add color and character and when properly designed make yard maintenance easier.

Drive in any neighborhood and observe the unique way stone is used:

Walkways, may be stone laid upon a base of sand or brick may line a walkway filled with colored gravel or woodchips.

Functional or decorative, dry stacked or mortared, of varying heights, rock is the most popular material for walls or soil retention.

Tree rings and bed borders, accents and focal points; stone has jumped from the rock garden and established itself as a major component in landscape design.

Flat flagstone and…