Did you know that around 2,000 trees are chopped down in the Amazon rainforest every 60 seconds to make room for agriculture? In fact, about 1,600 of those trees are leveled just to produce meat. If these statistics sound startling, consider this – if rates of deforestation continue, there likely won’t be any rainforests left in the next 100 years!

The world’s rainforests are the lungs of the planet. Not only do these ancient havens provide us with oxygen and help to regulate climate, by influencing precipitation outputs, but they also absorb around 30 percent of human-made carbon dioxide outputs. In short, without trees, we’d have less oxygen, more carbon dioxide (and other pollution), and more extreme weather – most likely, increased instances of drought.

By cutting down trees and burning them to clear forest areas, we are not only cutting down our defenses, BUT we’re also releasing all of the absorbed carbon stored by trees back into the atmosphere. To make matters worse, these forests are most often destroyed to make room for grazing cattle or livestock feed crops, both of which further…