Get away from your desk

If you’ve got another job to go to and you’re thinking of handing in your resignation in finance, you want to do it in May or June. – While the weather’s hot and the beach is calling. There’s no better way of getting a full three to six months of paid leave from your job in banking.

Personally, I had one of my best ever summers on gardening leave. It was 2006, and I’d just been bid from Lehman Brothers to Goldman Sachs. In those days, gardening leave only lasted one month and there I was with the whole of June off. I’d also gotten divorced in April 2006, so I was free in more ways than one. New life, new apartment, new job and 30 days to relax.

Here’s how I spent my time.

For the first two weeks I decided to head to where I’m from. It’s a little emerging market country. I saw my grandmother, saw my parents, basically did nothing but see family. While I was there, my mom got me on to some dating website!! She said, “Son you’re already 29, you better find a girl quick”. So she sat behind for an hour while I wrote my profile. Talk about stress. That was probably harder than any pitch…