I remember one of the most fun parts of unwrapping packages as a kid was seeing how many bubbles I could pop in the protective plastic packaging. I obviously wasn’t too concerned about reusing this material, let alone whether it could be recycled.

But now that I’m older, I’m more interested in the question: Is Bubble Wrap recyclable? Many of us are buying more and more products online, so we’re left with plenty of packing materials that need to be disposed. So let’s talk about what to do with the bubble-based packaging.

For starters, Bubble Wrap is a trademarked term for plastic packaging, just like Styrofoam. In this case, Bubble Wrap started in 1957 when two engineers were attempting to make plastic wallpaper using two shower curtains. Three years later, Sealed Air started selling the product as packaging for electronics.

Bubble Wrap is made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), or #4 plastic for those familiar with the plastic resins. LDPE is also used for thin plastic bags, such as dry cleaning and produce bags, as well as