Gardening On Balconies And Verandahs
It’s amazing how a small space can be transformed into a stunning feature. With little imagination, a verandah or balcony can become a striking feature of your home, drawing your attention from the interior of the house, and creating a feeling of extra space.

Balconies and verandahs are a transition zone linking the outdoors with the interior of a building. Balconies and verandahs can come in all sizes from small apartment verandahs of only a couple of square meters to spaces that are the size of a large room. Designing a balcony or verandah garden is like any other type of gardening- planning is the key.

Landscaping Balcony or Verandah
Some Things to Consider:
What are some possible uses for the balcony or verandah?
Your selection will depend on how much space there is and its outlook. You might decide to use the area for outdoor entertaining, eating outside, for growing cut flowers, for use as a kitchen garden, or for aesthetics (to improve the look of the building from outside, or to provide a feature to look at from inside).

Getting More Use Of Available Space
This can be achieved with vertical and container gardening
To make that possible, you’ll have to plant your, seeds in containers. Container gardens fit just about anywhere and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. To make the most of your little space, plant vertically. Planters that hang from your walls, railings or ceilings are ideal, as they don’t take up floor space. Try attaching hanging baskets from a pergola above the balcony. On the other hand, try stacking containers to make the most of your vertical space. If space allows, you can consider a BBQ, outdoor furniture, feeders or baths to attract birds, or even small sculpture. Birdfeeders might also be hung from adjacent trees to the balcony or verandah to attract birds in close for your viewing. Lights might be hung from adjacent trees, or small spotlights attached to the building to highlight nighttime scenes. Surfaces might be decorated with pavings, or by painting to create different effects. This includes both floors and walls, for example murals of a rural village, beach or garden scene might be painted on a wall to create a theme which is extended onto the balcony or verandah…