Smart Gardening 101 Part 5: Smart Pollinators

Smart Gardening is a Michigan State University Extension initiative with the goal of cultivating better gardeners. The initiative aims to provide both novice and experienced gardeners with information and techniques that will save time, money and the environment. The Smart Gardening philosophy covers five specific areas: Smart Lawns, Smart Soil, Smart Plants, Smart Vegetables and Smart Pollinators. Today, we look at our pollinators.

Smart Pollinators

A Smart Gardener knows pollinators are a necessary part of succesful gardening. Attracting pollinators to the garden is essential for the environment and a vital component to maintaining our food supply.

Consider your garden a healthy smorgasbord for pollinators. It’s important to plant a variety of flowering annuals, perennials, natives, bulbs, trees and shrubs so the menu will be fresh and enticing to the all-important pollinators throughout the growing season.

Our flower gardens are at their best at the height of the summer season, but keep in mind busy bees need our help especially in early spring and late fall when there are fewer floral resources available. Spring blooming…