Sunbathing is an ideal way to naturally replenish bone-building Vitamin D and TanRound all-season transparent clothing lets you do just that – weather or not.


Sunbathing and other forms of outdoor recreation are healthy activities that make us feel good and look great but think about it: how often does the weather play its part in enabling these activities? Too hot, too cold, too wet, too cloudy, too windy – or all or part of the above.

If only there were some cleverly-designed articles of clothing that could keep us comfortable outdoors while allowing sunlight to boost our Vitamin D reserves naturally… actually there is: TanRound transparent clothing!


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On the heels of a breakthrough Kickstarter campaign that raised more than double the $6,000 goal, TanRound is poised to hit the shelves (virtual and actual) just in time for summer. TanRound co-founders Estevan Lopez and Stephan Perez designed this groundbreaking apparel line with innovative technology that…