Advocates for the trash-incineration industry are trying to sink an effort to get nearly 1,500 cities behind 100 percent renewable energy, according to an email obtained by HuffPost.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors, the largest nonpartisan coalition of city executives in the country, is set to vote Monday on a proposal to make converting to zero-emissions energy a top priority, laying out a policy framework for making the shift. If approved, the resolution would be the broadest rejection yet of President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate deal to reduce planet-warming emissions. But first, the motion must clear the organization’s energy committee.

On Friday, the Energy Recovery Council ― a trade group representing companies that operate most of the country’s 77 power plants that burn solid waste ― asked its members to send letters to the committee’s 13 members and urge them to block the motion because it doesn’t include burning garbage as a source of renewable energy.

The email, sent by association President Ted Michaels to the roughly two dozen cities with trash-incineration plants, included a prewritten letter. It’s unclear if the companies in the trade group were also encouraged to join the campaign.

“ERC is sending a letter to the USCM Energy Committee expressing opposition to the proposed resolution,” Michaels wrote in the email. “It…