I first encountered Natasha when she signed up for my free site review. I clicked around her site, fully believing I was reading a blog written by a college student for a botany or entomology class.


So I obviously had to interview her! If you’re concerned about ‘kids these days,’ it’s time to put those fears aside.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello! My name is Natasha, I am a twelve year old and in seventh grade. I love to read, create modern calligraphy, plant seeds anywhere and everywhere, and make lots of useful crafts! My last craft was making lip balm. I am currently teaching myself French and studying Spanish at school.

I’m a normal California kid – but then again, I’m not. I learned early in life to harness my passion to change what I see wrong within our world, and I’m willing to do the work to make the change. This is what makes me different from other kids my age. Lastly, my favorite animal is the amazing, incredible, remarkable little bee.

For those of us who don’t know, what’s currently going on with bees?

The bees are in great danger right now due to the increased usage of pesticides, particularly neonicotinoids, neonics for short, from consumers and big businesses alike. Neonics are bee-killing pesticides which are super harmful to the bees and us, especially to them because they don’t have gas masks (most of the time we don’t either), and they get really close to the plants as they pollinate the flowers.

The population has had a 44% decline of pollinators from 2015, and with 1/3 of our food needing pollinators, and with bees bee-ing the most effective, this is a serious matter. We wouldn’t be living comfortably without the bees, prices would skyrocket, and Earth would not be as bountiful as a place to live without the bees. We need you little bees!

What’s causing this?

The danger of neonicotoids to the bees is really creating a ‘no safe haven’ for the bees. Bees are our friends, and while you might not like how they occasionally sting, most like fresh fruit, veggies and a cup of coffee! Bees are so important to our ecosystem, and when people choose pesticides, they choose anti-bees, anti-life.

Not only are pesticides toxic to bees, but they are toxic to us, dogs, cats, everything living thing! Pesticides are a main part of the mass deaths of bees. Ten years ago you didn’t see dead bees on the street. Now, littering the streets and sidewalks we see…