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air pollution in china

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I’m constantly educated and amazed at the different situations readers from across the globe are dealing with.

Whether it’s a lack of recycling facilities, over-packaged goods or harsh climatic conditions, we’re all trying to do our best in seemingly difficult situations.

A few months ago I was reading about air pollution.

Apart from a high pollen count in the summer, air quality isn’t really something I have to think much about.

It’s scary to think that the air that you breathe or the water that you drink could become a scarce commodity. But for the citizens of China, this is a threat that they face every day. The problem is so bad that businesses from around the world are actually selling fresh air to the middle class in China.

The World Health Organisation reported over 1 million deaths in China as a result of people being affected by air pollution and the scary thing is this number doesn’t account for deaths from other pollutants. How China handles their pollution problem will be a lesson for the rest of the world to learn from, if they fail to look after the Earth’s natural resources.

China must implement solutions to tackle carbon emissions.

China faces a steep challenge. The pollution problem is bad and they must also get 1 billion of their citizens to implement an eco-friendly solution. Since ratifying the Paris Agreement, the nation has taken steps to minimise the amount of carbon…