Make this Fourth of July truly patriotic with these five eco-friendly, American food brands that will surely make Uncle Sam (and Mother Nature) proud.

  1. Organic Valley

Founded in 1988 by local family farmers in the Midwest who were fed up with the chemical agriculture taking over the industry- Organic Valley supports rural communities and is committed to sustainable farming that prioritizes the environment and the health of its consumers. All of their products are 100% grass-fed diary, organic and non-GMO. Organic Valley helped initiate the organic movement in the US and helped set the standards for the USDA’s strict organic requirements. Check out their organic dairy, eggs, vegetables, protein powder and meats this week to support local farmers!

  1. Garden of Eatin’

Get munching this Independence Day on these yummy natural and organic tortilla chips! Garden of Eatin’ employs sustainable ingredient sourcing and uses only organic corn. They’re…