Batad Rice Terrace

If you are tired of the artificiality of crowded popular holiday destinations and if you want to go to some peaceful place then maybe it’s time when you should think about visiting Philippines. It hosts few of the most carefully preserved Eco-Tourism spots of the world. You will be able to spend a peaceful time there without being afraid that you are harming the nature. Philippines will offer you the best of natural landscapes. Here are a few spots that you must visit.

  1. Batanes Island

Batanes is an island that lies in Cagayan valley. It will give you the most scenic view of Philippines. Here you can lie down on grassy hills and adore the endless vistas of lush green hills, gigantic cliffs, sapphire blue ocean, all of which are enveloped in an endless sky. In order to get there you must go first to the nearest city Basco. From there you will easily find a conveyance that will take you there.

  1. Sagada

Sagada will offer you an immense variety. It is most preferred location for tourists who are looking for inner peace. The weather, the atmosphere and everything else that this place offers has something deeply peaceful about it. The native people are friendly and you can interact with them through your tourist guides. Banaue and Baguio are two towns that are nearest to Sagada. You can catch a bus or a van from there to reach Sagada.

  1. Sohoton Bay
Sohoton Bay

Sohoton Bay is…