Bees on a Bicycle owner Cath Shaw gave us a tour of the red building at the intersection of 19th and Market Streets.

There are colorful plants, water fountains and a sitting area outside. It’s one of the few garden stores you’ll find in downtown Chattanooga.

“My motto for Bees on a bicycle is foster community, create beauty,” Shaw said.

She wanted a space where people can take a break from the hustle and bustle, where they can relax and unwind while shopping for unique plants, garden supplies and gifts.

Everything Cath orders is within a two mile radius of Chattanooga.

“The moss is gathered on Signal Mountain, it’s a three layer process that the grower uses,” Shaw said about the hanging arrangements inside the shop.

When it comes to plants, she offers unique varieties that are native to Tennessee.

“These are just unusual colors, people that are looking for things that you can’t find anywhere else.”

In addition to plants, you’ll find pottery and botanical paintings created by local artists like Michael Brady.

“People have been buying these like crazy,” Shaw said, pointing to wooden horses that look similar…