rocks for donnie col
Communities across the nation are trying to spread joy by hiding handpainted rocks in public places.

I’m not sure you’ve heard about it, but some folks in my area are collecting small rocks, painting them and inscribing little messages on them. Then they are hiding the rocks around town for others to find.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Somebody finds a pretty rock with an inspirational message and feels happier. Can’t beat that.

The problem is that when I find rocks I am not happy. In fact, I feel downright sad and a bit frustrated because all the rocks I find are in my garden!

Grrrr! Every year when I plow, I turn up more rocks. Sometimes I think stones are the most prolific crop I grow. They dull the tiller blades and occasionally prevent a seed from coming up.

The long and short of this is that I have more rocks than I need and people are now looking for rocks to paint. The demand is there and I have the supply. I feel like the guy who had a backyard full of gold the day someone invented jewelry.

Now for the sake of goodwill, I am perfectly willing to share my bounty of rocks with those who have paint and a brush. I am that kind of a fellow.

Of course, I just can’t give them away because growing rocks is expensive. I have to buy diesel fuel to turn over those rocks each fall and I throw fertilizer on that ground to make them grow. I even occasionally spray pesticides to make sure there are no bugs on those rocks.

So I figure that a dollar a rock ought to be a fair price. I know, to…