The Fourth of July usually doesn’t conjure up images of being eco-friendly, but there’s nothing that says you can’t strive to be the freest of free — sustainable — on this day celebrating American independence. From celebration to cuisine, we’ve got you covered for an eco-friendly July 4. Remember, keep it red, white, blue and green.

Eco-Friendly July 4th Ideas

Nothing communicates national pride more than your country’s flag. Is this instance, there is actually a way to marry proper flag etiquette with good ol’ fashioned eco-friendly July 4th living. How, you ask? Rather than illuminating your flag after dark (per proper flag guidelines), why not simply take down the flag at night, eliminating the need for powered lighting. This practice can also serve as a daily reminder of all the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Next up, celebrate those freedoms!

Celebrate freedom

Keep your celebration close by to avoid the carbon emissions that come from traveling a long distance. If you can take public transportation, ride your bike or walk…