In the world of technology and gadget, most of the kids are busy playing video games or watching cartoons based on technology like Doraemon. The new generation kids are hardly interested in outdoor activities.


According to a recent research, the children staying indoor suffer from deprivation disorder and this disorder has been termed as “nature deficit disorder”. Therefore, parents should take initiative to encourage their kids to participate in outdoor activities.

The kids can turn away from the video games, mobile phones, and television, if you give them something interesting that can hold their attention for a long time. The best way to grab their attention is by building an eco-friendly tree house as playtime is fun with a tree house. It will help your kids to be connected with nature and learn to protect their mother earth. The kids going to learn how natural shelters can be constructed by taking materials from nature.

Here are some of the benefits of having an eco-friendly tree house for the kids:

  • Increase in the level of outdoor activity:

Eco-friendly tree houses help to attract the kids and increase the level of outdoor activity. Playing outdoor games improve the overall health of the children. Climbing the tree house strengthen their muscles and keep the children busy with physical activity. They become sharp and more energetic because of their involvement in outdoor activities.

  • Learn to work in a team:

The children playing in a tree house can coordinate well and can work in a team. They will learn to share and collaborate with each other while working together.

  • Connect with nature:

Children who are playing with gadgets do not have the sensitivity to connect with nature. Therefore, tree houses for kids that are eco-friendly help them to understand Mother Nature better. Children have a better understanding that plants have a life. They will develop…