Farmers and Mars go together
You work at your farm and produce a crop, but without help, how can new developments and marketing produce an adequate income for you and agri-business generally?

The Farmer Income Lab is an organisation you would not expect within Mars Incorporated, in Mclean, Virginia, USA. The family business naturally involves cocoa, mint and rice in their supply chains, producing those chocolate bars that are so invaluable on a long trek, whether to the shops or up a mountain!

Barry Parkin of the Sustainability and Health and Wellbeing Division of the company indicates that, At Mars, our ambition is that those working across our extended supply chains should earn sufficient income to maintain a decent standard of living. So what exactly will establish this variety of the Fairtrade business?

The aim is to find practical insight and new models for improving income, with the aid of a Livelihoods Fund For Family Farming. Collaborating with Danone, this fund will be investing…