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little known things you can recycle

Plastic, cardboard, and glass – most people know the basics when it comes to what they can and cannot recycle.

However, thanks to technology the list of things that no longer needs to be thrown in a landfill is increasing all the time.

Here are four things you might not have considered:


For those of us in the UK, there isn’t a current way to recycle toothbruses, but across the pond it’s different.

The recommendations of changing out your toothbrush every three to four months is good news for oral hygiene, but can bad news for the environment.

Most toothbrushes are made up of a plastic handle with nylon bristles that come wrapped in plastic packaging.

Over in America, a company called Preserve offer a take back scheme. If you can’t recycle them, perhaps it’s time to switch to a bamboo one that you can compost after use. Check out 4 plastic free toothbrushes you should consider.

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