Summer is here.

The season most of us yearn for is upon us, filled with sunshine and light. Yet, even with the sunshine, bevy of outdoor activities and the warm feelings of what seems like endless days, our life stresses don’t stop.

Our bills still need to be paid. Our bosses continue to want results at work. Our relationships with our loved ones – be they spouses, children, extended family or friends – need tending.

It’s very easy to feel emotionally overwhelmed and, in some circumstances, experience depressive symptoms. How do we carve out the space we need in order to relax our bodies and minds, to let go so we can re-energize and help ourselves and others?

Try gardening.

Gardening helps us connect with nature and experience the benefits of fresh air, sunshine and the natural beauty of summer as well as positively impact our feeling of wellbeing.

Gardening also brings out the instinctive nurturer within us. Feeling the dirt in our hands and getting sweaty as we plant our flowers, vegetables or plants decreases our cortisol (often referred to as the stress hormone) levels which lifts our spirits and mood.

With the rise of community gardening in recent years, we now have an opportunity to engage in social connectedness – a vital prong in our overall wellbeing. Community gardening…