Sprinkled or dunked? This is a question that has been debated in the Christian religion for centuries.

If one asks a bird which is most refreshing, sprinkle or dunk, their answers would vary just as ours do. The one undeniable tenet is every living thing needs water on these hot summer days.

It was not until I moved to Oklahoma that I really appreciated watching bird behavior. I hung some bird feeders outside the kitchen window for Grandma to enjoy their company during her endless games of solitaire. It was then I noticed the birds would flock to the sprinkler during evening garden watering.

Since, I have found that even (and maybe especially) those showers are appreciated even in the heat of the day. Although I know the quickest way to cool off is through evaporation, somehow I never thought of other earthlings relying on humans to help them out when heat and drought prevail.

Quick studies reveals the fact that birds do not have sweat glands, do have higher body temperatures than humans and often resort to…