Although he’s been running this blog as a labor of love for more than ten years, Anthony has never had more than a week or so off to relax and recharge.

Long time readers will remember me from the pre-Climategate days and the tumultuous period during and after.

I’ll be running the blog for the next couple of months while Anthony takes some well-deserved time off.

To introduce myself to readers who don’t have squatters’ rights that reach back into that distant past, here are a few posts from that ancient time, the old days, when the Internet ran on steam.

The CRUtape Letters™, an Alternative Explanation.

Climategate–the Made Up Story, or Mr. Assange, WUWT?

And my favorite overall in the competition for best title.

I forwarded the email before I was against it

So things may be a little different around here through August.

I hope we can have some fun.

And don’t hate change.

Anyone else that still wants to volunteer to be a moderator, let me know via…