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A lot of tiny, white wildflowers blooming away from our manicured lawns probably will go unnoticed.

They might surprise you if you take time to check them out.

While I have been gallivanting about in nature recently, I have studied one little white flower called daisy fleabane that blooms on roadsides and in fields. I’m sure most folks probably consider the wildflowers to be a weed. They look a little bit like a daisy, but the flowers are much smaller, and they have many more petals.

They belong to the aster family of plants, and I dearly love them.

Daisy-fleabane flowers are only a half-inch wide and bloom on stems that can be a foot to 5 feet tall. Their petals extend out from a yellow center.

Robert L. Henn wrote in his guide “Wildflowers of Ohio” that people once had a use for the plant. In the old days, it was used to rid people and places of fleas. That’s how its name came about. Folks would crush the plant to produce juices that would be…