We’ve all done it. We’re in a huge rush and walk into a store and quickly grab all the items on our list, check out and get on with our lives. Maybe you were in desperate need of face wash, disposable razors or a massive water bottle to get you through the day. Whatever it is you need, you know you can rely on the trusty Duane Reade on the corner to set you up for success.

But did you ever stop to think what the impact all those purchases will have after you’re done with them?

The majority of the items we purchase on a daily basis are either made of plastic or come packaged in plastic. Not to mention, the handy bag that you took to hold all these items is likely made of plastic as well. And once you toss out all this plastic, there is a high chance that it will end up in a body of water that leads to the ocean.

The fact is, there are 270,000 tons of plastic currently floating at the ocean’s surface and millions more sitting on the sea floor. While some might think otherwise, the oceans are not…