News Release — Rooted in Vermont
June 29, 2017

Media Contact:
Rachel Carter

Rooted in Vermont: Uniting all Vermonters around Local Food

The Rooted in Vermont grassroots movement celebrates how all Vermonters acquire and enjoy local food and intends to increase consumer demand so more Vermont food can be available and accessible where most Vermonters shop

Montpelier, VT – Vermonters were farming, gardening, fishing, and hunting long before there were craft beers and gourmet burgers. Traditions like gardening, hunting, fishing, and foraging are as core to Vermont’s local food movement as purchasing local food from farmers, restaurants, schools, and stores. Rooted in Vermont is a grassroots movement that empowers all Vermonters to be a part of the local food movement.

“Vermonters are proud of tradition and our way of life. Local food connects us to the land, to our history, and to our communities. Rooted in Vermont is a movement to help all Vermonters see local food as their own—not because it is a trend, but rather a part of our history and who we are as Vermonters,” says Rachel Carter, communications director for the Vermont Farm to Plate Network—a network of over 300 organizations who are nurturing the Rooted in Vermont movement as a component to implementing Vermont’s Farm to Plate food system plan.

Rooted in Vermont Celebrates How Vermonters Acquire and Enjoy Local Food

Growing and foraging; purchasing directly from a farmer or at the store; hunting or fishing; eating at schools, institutions or restaurants serving local food; picking up food at a food shelf; or just sharing Vermont food and drinks with friends and neighbors—these are all examples of being ‘Rooted in Vermont’ and can be experienced in any Vermont community or online by following or using the hashtag #RootedinVermont.

“Our family has been hunting, making maple syrup, and growing our own veggies for years and that’s how we eat local food. I love that Rooted in Vermont includes these traditions in the local food movement. When more Vermonters can see their own values and traditions being celebrated…