Foxtail weed

About this time every summer weeds begin to drive us crazy; they love the heat of mid-summer! Here are some tips to help maintain your sanity and create the best long-term strategy to minimize weeds in your landscape.

Even though weeds are most problematic now, this is one of the worst times of year to get good control. Weeds don’t translocate herbicides into their roots well at this time of year, which limits effectiveness. In mid-summer when a systemic herbicide is used, it often kills only the weeds leaves, but not the crown or roots. So they quickly recover and grow back.

In the next two weeks, we’ll discuss four main weed groups — summer annuals, winter annuals, perennial broadleaf weeds and, in a class of its own, yellow nutsedge. Each has specific timing, strategies and methods to follow for the fewest headaches on your part and the best control. We’ll discuss them below in the order you should use to attack them from now through fall, starting first with yellow nutsedge and summer annuals.

Long term control of this weed is difficult for two reasons. First, each plant is perennial – it will grow back for many years if not killed. Secondly, each develops multiple little tubers on its root system, as many as 15 per plant, so if you kill the original parent plant several of the dormant tubers will grow back in its place. Where you had one plant,…