We’ve fought for years for labeling of genetically engineered (GE or GMO) food. Now, we need to push for the clear labeling of all GMOs.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently considering how to implement the GMO labeling law and they need to hear from you.

As you may remember, a “compromise” bill on GMO labeling was passed last year, but a lot of the decisions about what foods would be labeled, and how they would be labeled, were left up to the USDA. The law includes labeling options other than on-package labeling, such as QR codes and websites, which would only serve to hide the information this law was passed to provide.

Big Ag and food companies have made it clear which option they support for labeling: QR codes. They know consumers don’t use these codes and that “labeling” via QR codes is really no labeling all. The agency has heard from big corporations – now they need to hear from you!

The USDA is also deciding which GMOs are labeled. The labeling law should ensure that ALL foods produced through genetic engineering are labeled, not cave into big Ag’s pressure to avoid labeling their products through a deceptive, narrow definition of GMOs. It is essential that emerging technologies are included in law so that consumers aren’t unknowingly serving as lab rats for loosely or unregulated new technologies.

Comments must be submitted to the USDA by July 17th. There is no docket for these comments, so they should be sent or delivered directly to USDA at GMOlabeling@ams.usda.gov. Use the sample letter text below to address some of the most pressing issues. Visit USDA AMS to view the full list of questions the USDA is requesting comments on.

Sample Letter Text

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