ecofriendly swimming pools

One of the things that make summer enjoyable is soaking in the swimming pool. It’s the quintessential summer symbol, and you can spend hours relaxing by the pool, or having fun pool parties. Traditional pools require a high amount of water, use harmful chemicals and utilize a big amount of energy. The impact of a swimming pool depends on whether your home is on or off the grid and if the water is derived from miles away. To reduce the environmental footprint of a swimming pool, you can go for ecofriendly pool and ideas which allow you to have fun without harming the ecology. Here are a few ways in which you can do that:

Converting traditional pools to eco friendly pools

ecofriendly swimming pools

Cover up

Pools lose a lot of water due to evaporation, so having a pool cover allows the reduction in pumping schedule and also keep your pool cleaner. You might consider extending the ‘off-season’ of your pool which would save many hundred gallons of water. A tightly fitting cover keeps your luxe pool from being dangerous to wildlife and pets, which might otherwise drown in it.

Use natural pool cleaners

bio natural pool cleaner

Chlorine is one of the harsh chemicals used to kill algae and bacteria in pools, but these chemicals are extremely carbon intensive, due to their production and transportation methods. Chlorine production results in mercury emission and its presence in pools can contribute to ozone pollution.

As an alternative, saltwater pools are gaining ground. But a better solution is converting your pool to a natural pool, which relies on natural biological methods of water purification. You can use aquatic pools native to your area and help sustain your local ecosystem. It would be the experience of a lifetime, to swim with reeds…