going with the flow during mercury retrograde

Three things cannot be long hidden:
the sun, the moon and the truth.

~ Buddha ~

I have ranted before about Mercury Retrograde. I will repeat my original disclaimer here, which still holds true: I am not an astrologer. I don’t really understand much about astrology, and I’m deeply skeptical about “horoscopes,” but I have experience with Mercury Retrograde and that is what this post is about. If you are looking for technical, astrological aspects and interpretations, visit your favorite astrologer. ? (please see this post for further explanation on what Mercury Retrograde is and ways to avoid the potential hazards).

It’s not all bad. No, really it isn’t! These periods of the mercury mystical magic show, where it appears to spin backwards and actually seems to draw out calamity in the human experience, can definitely be challenging. However, those who are stumbling along the path to enlightenment, who are at least attempting to be mindful and increase their sensitivity and awareness of themselves and those around them, these hopeful and humble folks have a good shot at finding the gems buried in Mercury Retrograde. I’m a stumbler on this path and while I can’t explain all the aspects and the technical hooha, I can share my experience with you.

enjoying mercury retrograde - tech timeout
The potential benefits of Mercury Retrograde
enjoy the slow life

Seriously, the best way to minimize the minefield of Mercury Retrograde is to slow the heck down! Be aware that normally functional items that we take for granted (computers, cars, mass transit, schedules, etc.) might require additional attention. In fact, if you expect hiccups and pad your schedule to accommodate traffic or hangups due to unforeseen obstacles during these times, there is a lot less stress. Hey, slowing down in this busy world is never a bad idea.

timeout for introspection

I have found that Mercury Retrogrades are great times to minimize my outward bound activities (business meetings, appointments, etc.) and schedule more time to do the kind of work that requires some introspection or just alone, quiet time. Whether it is personal “work” or for business,…