Let’s face it, sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we stop thinking about how we could go out of our way for others. This week, let’s change that! Today marks the first day of International Be Kind to Humankind week, and to kick it off the right way, here are some little, yet meaningful, ways to go out of your way for others.

Hold the Door Open

While this may seem minimal and somewhat insignificant, holding the door open for somebody may brighten their day. This not only portrays common courtesy, but also symbolizes respect and consideration for someone else.

Say “Thank You” For the Little Things

Sometimes we overlook those little everyday gestures that people make for us. Acts such as someone holding the elevator open as we race to get to get in it, a taxi giving us a ride, or a barista making us our vital everyday coffee are too often unreciprocated with sings of gratitude. Let’s make the effort, especially this week, to thank those that help with making our day a little easier.

Ask Someone *Meaningfully* How They’re Doing

We all partake…