Helping Others By Giving One Student Fresh Milk for a School Year
Photo courtesy of Heifer International

Thank you to Heifer International for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my very own.

Last night was one of those nights where everyone decided to linger at the dinner table. I treasure those moments since they are becoming far and few between. As my kids get older and their lives ramp up I’m finding that there’s less time to just hang out. Especially during the school year when schedules and meals rarely line up.

The conversation bounced all over the place (which I love) and we finally settled on a discussion about helping others. Given the current state of the world, it was unfortunately easy to come up with many scenarios where people truly need help. Even though I’m not sure my kids are hearing what I’m saying, my philosophy is to keep talking about these situations and how helping can come in many different forms. The hope is that someday my children will demonstrate that they’ve heard me on some level. We shall see!

One of my favorite organizations dedicated to helping others is Heifer International. I’ve been a longtime supporter of Heifer. When I’m struggling to think of a gift for someone who has it all, Heifer is my go-to. Their gift options are incredibly unique as they work to end world hunger and poverty. Our family has been known to give a flock of geese or chicks in honor of a friend’s birthday.

Helping Others Through Heifer’s School Milk Feeding Program

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