One out of every three bites of food relies on the hard work of the mighty honeybee.The honeybee is a diligent worker, pollinating 70 percent of the crops that contribute to a significant quantity of the world’s food supply.However, their numbers are in fast decline, and that spells disaster in more ways than one. Even Cheerios has pulled the honeybee from their boxes of cereal to bring awareness to this cause. From the food they produce to the jobs they create, honeybees have a bigger impact on the U.S. economy than you might think. Curious what all the buzz is about? Continue reading to learn more about the real impact of honeybees in America.


rates decline across us

The honeybee population has been in steady decline for years, and since 2015, their population has been declining at an even more alarming rate.

Between January and March 2015, nearly half of the honeybee population in Ohio was lost due to potentially 60 different factors, and more than a third of the honeybees in Illinois died. Between April and June 2015, between 2 percent and 19 percent of the honeybee populations across the entire U.S. died. During the summer months, nearly a third of the honeybees in Arkansas died, and between October and the end of December, 40 percent of the honeybees in Kansas had perished.

Between January and March 2016, honeybee populations were still on the decline, and almost half of the remaining bees in Oklahoma disappeared.