The Problem of Trash in Our Oceans

Most of us have had the sad experience of walking on a beautiful beach and being shocked to discover several large pieces or piles of trash. These randomly located chunks of debris often contain a large amount of plastic, rubber, paper, and other assorted items that people all over the world throw into the water.

An Ocean of Trash, and a World of Trouble

Just to cite one representative example, an organization called The Ocean Conservancy that works for clean oceans has retrieved more than 220 million pounds of trash from our world’s seas in just the past three decades. Keep in mind, that’s just what they’ve picked up. It represents a small fraction of the total amount of trash in the oceans.

How Bad Is the Problem?

According to the best estimates by ocean pollution experts, there are something like 8,000,000 metric tons of plastic that enter into the ocean every single year! What, then, is the price we pay if we don’t do something now to stop the flow of trash and other pollution into…

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